My Journey

Dr. BemnetMy name is Bemnet Meried. In my home country of Eritrea, East Africa, I practiced as a Medical Doctor in all four fields of medicine: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics.

Upon migrating to the States, I’ve chosen to focus on Natural Health. My passion is to assist people in making choices to improve their quality of life, using simple remedies, lifestyle changes and spiritual renewal. I have trained and worked alongside experienced physicians, in all lifestyle diseases such as, Diabetes, Hypertension, depression, eczema, heart problems, malnutrition, and overweight.

I love helping people choose the best in life, and I don’t encourage anything I wouldn’t for myself or my loved ones. I enjoy a healthy, natural lifestyle, country living, and reading the bible for inspiration. I have a deep appreciation for the beauty of life. My work is to help people introduce the same joys into their lives.

I provide services internationally, assisting clients in multiple countries across two continents.

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